Panchsheel Mechanical Works: One Stop Solutions for Cold Rooms, Refrigeration Trucks & Can Cooler Accessories

Press Release: 20 October 2015

Panchsheel Mechanical Works is the leading manufacturer of Cold Room Panel, Refrigerated Truck and Can-Cooler accessories. Over the past 15 years we have grown rapidly to establish ourselves as the preferred accessories partner for market leaders in this industry globally. Panchsheel work closely with our clients to enhance their competitiveness through our customized solutions. Our customers consistently outperform their peers and lead the market in the long run.



Cold Room: Camlock, Door Assembly, Curtain Strip, Hanger, PVC Curtains

Refrigerated Truck: Door Lock and Hinges, Cargo Track, Corner, Curtain Strip

Can-Cooler: SS Rail, Pivot Hinge, Shelf Clip, Shelf Support

For more information visit: www.panchsheel.co.in

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