Metalex Cryogenics Limited: Industrial Refrigeration and Project Solutions

Press Release: 20 October 2015,

Metalex Cryogenics is a Equipment Manufacturing and Project Engineering Company with a strong focus on the efficiency and high performance of its products, Metalex continues to set the standard for uncompromised quality in the field.

The word “Metalex” represents the strength & stability for its customers who place their trust & faith in its capabilities to deliver for their success.



  • AMMONIA REFRIGERANT COMPRESSOR: Metalex Piston Compressors offers a range of outstandingly reliable, open type, reciprocating refrigeration compressors.
  • ICE MACHINES: Metalex Tube Ice Machines are designed specifically to Freeze Ice automatically in vertical tubes, hot pressure gas thaws tubes and the ice is cut by specially designed cutter.
  • REFRIGERANT PUMPS: Refrigerant pumps are specially designed and manufactured for use in refrigeration systems. Unlike chemical pumps that are compatible/acceptable for refrigerants, Refrigerant pumps offer specific advantages for use in refrigeration systems.
  • INDUSTRIAL VALVES: Metalex heavy duty refrigerant valves are available in fabricated and casted variants.

For more information visit: www.metalexcompressors.com

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