Frick India:Leader in Industrial refrigeration &  Air-conditioning

Press Release : 19 November 2015,

Frick India Ltd. one of the world’s most experienced and largest manufacturers of industrial refrigeration & air-conditioning equipment. A pioneer in design, manufacture, installation and servicing of refrigeration and air-conditioning systems and equipment, Frick India has achieved the certification of assessment “Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008 and ASME – “U” Stamping certification for Pressure Vessels.


Frick India has diversified and developed into one of the front ranking companies and its equipment is rated amongst the world’s best. We have been adapting ourselves to new technologies and are offering our customers the latest systems. We have started manufacturing screw compressors since 2000 at our works with testing facility as per ISO 917: 1989(E) standards. The rotors are being supplied by M/s Holroyd of U.K. With collaboration and technologies from Japan, U.S.A. Frick India can also provide on line Total Energy Management System (TEMS) for almost all industrial refrigeration applications.

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