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‘Taking Cold Chain Business to Next Level: Opportunities & Challenges’

Day 1: 17th October 2016

0930 - 1045

Registration and Networking Coffee

1045 - 1130

Inauguration, Lamp lighting and YES BANK - White Paper Launch

1125 – 1130 (5 min)

YES BANK - White Paper Launch – Knowledge Partner

1130 - 1345

Industry Vision

Session 1: 1130 – 1300 (1 hrs 30 min)

Panel Discussion: Macro View of Cold Chain Industry in India and the way forward

  • What is the industry landscape today and expected pace of growth in next five years?
  • How is the investment climate in the sector at present?
  • What are the latest additions in the application sectors of cold chain services?
Session 2: 1300 - 1345 (45 min)

Growth boost provided by regulatory & nodal bodies to the industry

  • Identifying key boulders in the growth of cold chain sector from policy and regulatory support perspective
  • What are the important steps required to overcome these challenges?
1345 - 1430

Networking Lunch Break

1430 - 1800

Cold Storage: Business expansion, increasing revenue & mitigating costs

Session 3: 1430 - 1515 (45 mins)

Evolution of cold storages into multi-commodity distribution centres to increase revenue

Costs of operations continue to increase due to several external and internal factors. It is time to explore avenues to boost up the revenue adding directly to the bottom line. What are the benefits to amend the existing storage facility into multi commodity distribution centres? How to ascertain the combination of products to be stored to maintain high standards of quality?

Session 4: 1515 - 1600 (45 min)

Exploring models to expand capacity with modern technology and low investment

How to minimize your investments in order to make these changes? What are the latest technologies and equipment available to facilitate these amendments?

1600 - 1615

Networking Coffee Break

Session 5: 1615 - 1700 (45 min)

Analyzing impact of e-retail on operations of cold storages

Online retail has opened up huge opportunity for cold chain sector with an equal amount of challenges in operations? How does this new sector affect cold chain business? What are the geographical and technical challenges in order to cater to this booming industry? How does it impact the human resource requirements in a cold store facility?

Session 6: 1700 - 1745 (40 min)

Mitigating costs in running a cold store – Infrastructure, Technology and alternate resources

Apart from moulding the facility into multi commodity storage centre, what are the other ways to reduce the ever increasing cost of operations? Alternate Resources, Energy Efficiency, Green Building etc.


Keynote Presentations:

1700 – 1715 (10 min)

Alternate Resources: Solar Power to run cold stores – Benefits, Cost Implications and Investments

Keynote Speaker:

1715 – 1730 (10 min)

Technology –

Keynote Speaker:

1730 – 1745 (10 min)


Keynote Speaker:


Day 2: 18th October 2016

0900 - 0955

Registration and Networking Coffee

1000 - 1130 (1 hr 30 min)

YES BANK – Knowledge Partner  Sessions

1130 – 1330

Cold Transport: Factors influencing buying decisions

Session 7: 1130 – 1210 (40 min)

How reefer transport companies gearing up for the impact of GST?

It is being widely understood that logistics is one of the biggest benefactor of GST implementation, At the same time, it opens up Pandora’s box with several questions and doubts on the implementation and its actual benefit. How transport companies gearing up to adapt to the biggest reform in recent past? What are the required changes in the fleet to maximise benefit from this tax reform?

Session 8: 1210 - 1250 (45 min)

Evaluating impact of e-retail on fleet procurement and management (Last mile Fulfillment)

Online retail does not only impact the modus operandi of a storage facility but also has a big impact on distribution network. What are the last mile delivery challenges in e-retail business? How does the transport needs changes in the operations?

Session 9: 1250 - 1335 (45 mins)

Explore the latest technology & innovations to take the reefer business to next level

With the industry landscape changing really fast with implementation of GST and growing online retail business, what is the technical advancement available in order to keep up with these changes?


Keynote Presentations

1250 – 1305 (15 min)

Phase Change Materials(PCM) based solutions for passive temperature control for storage and transport of food products.

Speaker: Mr. Samit Jain, Managing Director, Pluss Advance

1305 – 1320 (15 min)

Tracking and Tracing –


1320 – 1335 (15 min)


1335 - 1420

Networking Lunch Break

1420 - 1620

Supply Chain: Overcoming challenges & tapping opportunities

Session 10: 1420 - 1505 (40 min)

Explore means to ensure Just-in-Time performance to maintain quality of fresh products.

With time, consumer awareness on the quality of fresh produce is increasing. Also, with growing competition delivering products in prescribed time is becoming a challenge. What are the best practices around the world in order to ensure Just-In-Time delivery mechanism?

1505 – 1545 (40 min)

Reverse logistics – adding direct to your business’s bottom line

Reverse logistics is the least talked about subject in supply chain sector. It has been proved world over that a structured implemntation of reverse logistics model directly adds to the company’s bottomline with a negligible addition to costs. What is the current status of this segment in cold chain sector? What are the best practices in order to implement as sound reverse logistics model without compromising on the quality of products?

1545 – 1625 (40 min)

Avenues to infuse funding to scale up business

With growing needs to expand the operations and consolidate position in the market place, investment becomes an important aspect to scale up operations. What are the sources available to bring in the funding in the sector? How M&A playing in this sector?

1625 – 1630 (5 min)

Closing Remark



1630 – 1730 (1hr)

Start-Ups in cold chain business

Workshop on entering the cold chain business (Cold Storage + Cold Logistics) and the best practices to set up a profitable temperature controlled logistics business.

  For More Details & Booking Contact:   Bharani Prasad
+91 9871628542